Community Events and Resource for the Week of 5/7/18

Please see below for a list of community resources and events:

  • There are still spots available in preschool classrooms at Randolph, Goochland, and Byrd Elementary!  There are eligibility criteria for the programs (mostly involving income restrictions) but if you’re interested in seeing if your child qualifies for the program, please email me.  Click here for the preschool flyer and here for the preschool application.  Applications can be returned to me.
  • Goochland ParentNet is sponsoring an Addiction Uncuffed event at the Goochland Library on 6/16/18 at 1:00 p.m.  The presenter, Courtney Nunnally, will be speaking about her personal struggle with substance abuse and her recovery experience.  Other guest speakers will include members of the Chesterfield County jail’s Heroin Addict Recovery program and local law enforcement officers.  The event is free.  Please see flyer for more information.  For those who are unfamiliar with Goochland ParentNet, Goochland ParentNet is run by a Goochland resident, Renee Sottong, who has a vested interest in advocating for youth mental health.  Please see Goochland ParentNet’s website if you would like more information about this resource.
  • The Byrd Theatre, in partnership with the Autism Society of Central Virginia, is hosting a sensory friendly viewing of Peter Rabbit on Saturday, May 19th at 2:00.  The sensory friendly movie experience provides an accepting and safe environment for families to enjoy a movie.  (The lights are turned up and the sound is turned down.)  Tickets are $3 each.  For more information, email
  • The Goochland-Powhatan Community Services Board and Rural Substance Abuse Awareness Coalition are also hosting another Revive Training on 6/5/18 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Goochland Library.  During this training, participants will learn how to use a nasal spray, Naloxone, which has been shown to save lives for people who have overdosed on opioids.  See flyer for more details.

Community Events and Resources for the Week of April 30


  • GCPS is hosting a summer STEM camp June 18-22 at Goochland Middle School.  This opportunity is available for all students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  For additional information, please see attached flyer.
  • The Autism Society of Central VA is hosting a Special Needs Trust and Future Planning workshop on 5/4.  See flyer for more details and to sign up.
  • The Future Farmers of America (FFA) are hosting a plant sale on 5/5/18 at 9:00 a.m. at Goochland High School.  Hanging plants are $15 each or two for $25.  Plan to get there early as the flowers sell out quickly!


  • A parent shared this inspirational video of a Les Brown speech.  Les Brown is a motivational speaker who overcame struggles with academics and self-confidence.  The video highlights the importance of high expectations, perseverance, and self-determination.  “Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality”—Les Brown.
  • I really like this article from Child Mind Institute that’s geared towards parents and is about helping children with social skills weaknesses to improve their interactions with other children.  Check it out if time permits!

While it doesn’t necessarily fit within the template of the weekly blog, I just need to share some photos of one of my favorite spring time events- a Champions Together track meet. Today, Goochland High School students (and some of our middle school students) competed in a Champions Together meet.  Champions Together is a unified sports track and field event that allows students with disabilities to compete and play alongside students without disabilities.  Today, Goochland High School students competed against Monocan High School students.  The camaraderie, sportsmanship, and genuine care that all athletes showed during this event was truly heartwarming.  I super proud of our students and thankful to all of the staff, students, and administrators who helped to make the event a huge success!

Champions Together Team

Champions Together Athletes

Champions Together Athletes